The ‘Top Posh Baby Names’ List Is Just as Weird and Wonderful as You’d Imagine


If you're planning on having a baby this year then here are some names for consideration.

Tatler, the high society magazine, has released their top posh names for 2017 and the majority of them are pretty unusual to say the least!

Girls' names that made the list include Czar-Czar (Czar is a Russian name meaning Emperor) and Scar (yes that's right, the baddie from The Lion King).

If you thought they were weird then the boys' names are just as unusual with Greek name Euripides meaning 'good throw' in the list along with Wigbert meaning 'bright warrior'.

Tatler say that all the names on the list are real names and a lot of them also have very interesting meanings and histories. 

The girls' name Gethsemane comes from the garden at the base of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem where Jesus was arrested, whereas the boys' name Uxorious comes from the Latin word to mean exceptionally fond of one's wife.

Below is the full list of girls and boys names from Tatler.

Girls                                 Boys
Alfreda Aubyn
Blanche Barclay
Czar-Czar Cassar
Debonaire David
Estonia Euripides
Figgy Fenston
Gethsemane Gustav
Hum Hickman
Idabelle Innsbruck
Jori John
Koala Kenneth
Lark Ludlow
Monaveen Mao
Nancy Npeter (the 'N'is silent)
Opal Ormerod
Power Prince
Queenie Quail
Rara Ra
Scar Stourton
Tansy Titus
Una Uxorious
Vervain Victory
Wendy Wigbert
Xanthe Xman
Yellow Yak
Zenia Zebedee