Pitch Perfect 3 Cast Assemble for First Look Photo


It’s 2017 which officially means one thing… not long to go until Pitch Perfect 3 lands!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, star of the movie Anna Kendrick and her co-star Rebel Wilson just shared the BEST group photo of all the cast reuniting to start filming!  The photo featured all of the Barden Bellas including Flo, Ashley, Cynthia, Lilly, Chloe, Aubrey, Jessica and of course Beka and Fat Amy.

Anna captioned her image with ‘Team’ whilst Rebel said ‘#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches’.

Anna Kendrick © Instagram 

Elizabeth Banks, who produced and starred as Gail in the first two movies, also shared a cast selfie to her Instagram page with the caption, ‘Um, guess what’s ON. #pp3 #day1 #chloe #aubrey #gail #flo #jessica @pitchperfectmovie’.

Um, guess what’s ON. #pp3 #day1 #chloe #aubrey #gail #flo #jessica @pitchperfectmovie

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Bosses for the movie are keeping tight lipped about the storyline for the third instalment, with no trailer yet to be released we seriously can’t wait to get a first glimpse.

The movie is due in cinemas mid-July, so until then we will have to hope the cast keep sharing behind the scenes shots!

While we wait until July, check out the Barden Bellas incredible finals performance in the first movie.